Frequently Asked Question
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Loan contract is the system which JIVF accommodate you with a loan for purchasing the products. We are supposed to make a contract according to each transaction.

It is a convenient service when you would like to purchase expensive products. It will never let you miss the purchasing timing. It will also make it posible for you to pay deliverately, because the amount of the monthly payment is fixed.

You can make a contract at member shops.

Please come to the shops in the member shops’ list and consult with the staff at the loan counter of JIVF.

JIVF doesn’t need a collateral, but we are supposed to keep your motorcycle registration certificate until you settle the final payment. Customers can get the copy of the motorcycle registration certificate.

Loan contract will be completed within 15 minutes after you submit us the necessary documents which are required by JIVF.

Our interest rate is the competitive in this sector.

You don’t have to open the bank account to use the loan, because our company is not the bank.

You can remit to the bank account of JIVF or pay in cash at the JIVF’s payment counter.

We will bill you the overdue late charge.

You can pay in full at any time. And no penalty will be charged for that. If you would like to do that, please call at (08) 7108 6999

There are some procedures to change the address. Please call at (08) 7108 6999