2018-07-02 13:01:50

To: Customers

Recently, JIVF has received information from customers who was cheated by bad person (impostor) under JIVF title in making loan application for appropriating the customer’s money. So JIVF would like to inform to customer as follows:

  1. JIVF doesn’t collect loan application at home and only support to consult as well as making loan application at Service Introduction Points (SIP)/ Loan Counters.
  2. JIVF does not charge any registration fee at any form.
  3. JIVF’s staffs only consult via company phone number: (028) 5404 3870/ (028) 5404 1082/ (028) 7108 6999. After that, customers just provide documents at JIVF Loan Counters, there are not cases that JIVF’s staffs request or dating to get documents in outside. If anything, please contact with JIVF via Hotline: (028) 7108 6999
  4. JIVF shall not keep original documents of customers, therefore, JIVF staff will not ask customer to hand over original copies for keeping. Customers do not provide any personal information, account number, phone number etc... for those who having suspicion sign. Please contact JIVF via hotline for instruction, JIVF is always ready for receive information and specific consult to customers.
  5. Customers need to be careful in exchanging and providing information on internet to void the circumstance that bad person can use such information for their act of fraudulent.
  6. In case of fraud by frauduler, customer should promptly contact local police for fraudulent report.
  7. In order to protect JIVF’s reputation, the JIVF will also coordinate with the local police to provide caution and prevent illegal activities of.

Best regard.

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