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Where can I register loan?

You can register a loan on JACCS’s website by double click on product and choosing your desirable product. Please contact us via hotline 028 7108 6999 for consultation or go to JACCS’s SIPs (link with list of SIPs).

Which documents do I need to provide for making a loan?

Please contact Hotline (028) 7108 6999 to get the specific consultation for each product.

How can I make the payment?

You can make the payment via those channels: VN Post, Payoo, Vietcombank, Vietinbank…Please see the payment guidance for your reference. (link with payment guidance).

What happens if I cannot make the payment on time?

When your payment is late, you shall pay for the overdue interest as regulated in the contract. Besides, late payment shall affect to your credit information on the Credit Information Center (CIC) of the State Bank.

Why do I receive messages from JACCS monthly?

Before the due date, JACCS shall send you a message related to the next payment date together with contract information to facilitate the payment. This notification is only to ensure that you pay on time, in full and to avoid late payment or lack of payment amount leading to your overdue interest and your CIC as well.

Why do I get the debt reminding call or message from JACCS although I already make the payment?

If you have just made a payment transaction within 24 hours (excluding Saturday, Sunday or Holidays), the payment may not be transferred to the JACCS’s system. So, remember to keep your payment receipt for checking when necessary.
Please make the payment a few days before the due date to minimize the problems caused by the money transfer system and ensure the money is transferred on time.
If you have made a payment transaction after 24 hours, you can call Hotline (028) 7108 6999 for assistance.

Can I make the final payment before the due date?

Please call Hotline (028) 7108 6999 for detailed instructions.

Can I change my contact number?

Yes, please call Hotline (028) 7108 6999 for instructions about the necessary procedures and update completion.

Can I change the payment date?

You cannot change the monthly payment date after the signing date of the contract. (In case of personal reasons, you should make the payment earlier than the specified date, then the amount you pay will be understood as the payment amount of that payment period).

When can I get the original vehicle registration certificate?

After the loan contract is completed, JACCS shall actively contact you for receiving your vehicle registration certificate. Please call Hotline (028) 7108 6999 for assistance.