2019-03-11 08:00:25

To: Customers

JACCS has received many payment transactions with unidentify information for settlement loan at JIVF. Please follow the steps below to get the money back:

1/ To fill fully and exactly in: Request Form of Reimbusement (Download here)

2/ To scan and send the following documents to email:

a) Case 1:The reciever is the contract owner.

- Documents: Request Form of Reimbusement + ID Card + Deposit slip

b) Case 2:The customer has died, the receiver has to be the lawful heir of the customer.

- Documents: Request Form of Reimbusement + ID Card + Death Certificate + Assigment from other joint-heir (if any) + Deposit slip

* Please note the following:

1/ Method of receving money:

a) By ID Card at banks where JACCS decides, or

b) Transfer via customers account number.


- The receiver must be the contract owner or the lawful heir of the customer.

- The receiver shall be charged for the transfer fee.

2/ Time to reimburse: within 30 days since the day JACCS receives full documents.

3/ Please access Here to see the list of account number that has overpaid payment.

4/ JACCS will not accept the reimbusement requirement after the deadline: 12/04/2019 (30 days from the day of posting this announcement on JACCS’s website and fanpage)

For more details, please contact Customer Service Department via phone number: (028) 7108 6999.

Best Regards,

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