30/12/2021 08:30:15

Respectfully To: Customers

JACCS would like to inform customers about the reimbursement of overpaid amount after final settlement as bellows:

– List of customers having overpaid amount after final settlement, please click here .

– Please contact SIP, Customer Service Department via phone number: (028) 7107 7799 for more details from 27th Dec 2021 to 28th Mar 2022.

♦ The steps to get the money back:

1. To fill fully and accurately in: Request Form of Reimbursement (Download here)

2. To scan and send the following documents to email:

a) Case 1: The receiver is the contract owner.

– Documents: Request Form of Reimbursement + ID Card +Deposit slip

b) Case 2: Beneficiary is the authorized person (apply in case the customers can not come to JIVF due to majeure reason such as sickness, death, etc…)

– Documents: Request Form of Reimbursement + Photocopy of ID Card of authorized person + Photocopy of ID card of customer + Evidences on the inheritance or Authorization of the other inheritors of one person to be receiver/Death Certificate + Deposit slip

– In case of lacking any relevant documents, the case will be handled on case by case.

♦ Please note the following:

1. Method of receiving money:

a) By ID Card at bank that customer filled in “Request Form of Reimbursement, or

b) Transfer via customer account number.


√ The receiver must be the contract owner or the lawful heir of the customer.

√ The receiver shall be charged for the transfer fee.

2. Time to reimburse: within 30 days since the day JACCS receives full documents.

3. JACCS will not accept any reimbursement requirement after the deadline: 28/03/2022.

For more details, please contact Customer Service Department via phone number: (028) 7107 7799.

Best Regards,