27/11/2023 10:10:03

Respectfully To: Customers

JIVF would like to inform customers about the reimbursement of overpaid amount after final settlement as bellows:

– List of customers having overpaid amount after final settlement, please click here.

– Please contact SIP, Customer Service Department via phone number: (028) 7108 6999 for more details from 27th Nov 2023 to 26th Feb 2024.

♦  The steps to get the money back (the transfer fee shall be paid by customer):

1.To fill fully and accurately in: Request Form of Reimbursement (Download here)

2.To scan and send the following documents to email:

a) Case 1: The receiver overpaid is the customer

– Documents: Request Form of Reimbursement + Copy of customer ID Card + Payment receipt.

b) Case 2: The recipient is spouse, parents, son, daughter or an authorized person.

– Documents: Request Form of Reimbursement + Copy of ID/ Citizen identity card of customer, Death Certificate (If customer died) + Copy of ID/ Citizen identity card of spouse, parents, son, daughter, authorized person + The documents proving the identity ( Birth certificate, certificate of marriage, Certificate of Citizenship Identification,…) or the documents proving the right of inheritance or the authorization to receive on behalf of coheir. (if customer died) + The authorization letter + Payment receipt.

♦ Please note the following:

1. Method of receiving money:

a) By ID Card at bank that customer filled in “Request Form of Reimbursement, or

b) Transfer via customer account number.


√ The receiver must be the contract owner or the lawful heir of the customer.

√ The receiver shall be charged for the transfer fee.

2. Time to reimburse: within 30 days since the day JIVF receives full documents.

3. JIVF will not accept any reimbursement requirement after the deadline: 26/02/2024.

4. Within 15 days from the date JIVF notifies to customer of the refund according to the information are provided by the customer in the section “Receiving money by ID card at bank” above, the customer please come here to receive refundable amount. In case of expired this time, if the customer does not receive refundable amount and does not notify to JIVF, it will be seen as the customer agrees to (i) allow JIVF performs it into others income and (ii) the refundable amount procedure is fulfilled.

For more details, please contact Customer Service Department via phone number: (028) 7108 6999.

Best Regards,