04/04/2023 09:20:24

From 04/04/2023 to 30/04/2023, when you pay the outstanding balance of your JACCS Credit Card with Tui Than Tai, you will have a chance to get cashback up to 444,444 VND.

Advantages when paying JACCS credit card balance via MoMo:

Simple: 3 quick steps, record successful transactions 24/7.

Fast: Full Check Current Balance, Statement Ending Balance, and Minimum Payment without opening statement.

Automatic: Remind payment due date, do not worry about late payment.

Easy: Manage multiple cards on MoMo.

Instructions to pay Outstanding Credit via MoMo:

Step 1: Enter “Pay by credit card” via the Search box.

Step 2: Enter your card number/account number and card provider.

Step 3: Enter the amount to pay.

Step 4: Select the source of the Tui Than Tai and confirm the payment.

Program Terms & Conditions:

 – The program may end earlier than expected if the promotional budget is exhausted.

 – Each customer can only receive rewards up to 2 times (2 times / 1 Wallet / 1 ID card / 1 Bank account / 1 device) for each program.

 – The program applies to customers who pay their Outstanding Credit on MoMo

 – Cashback face value: VND 444, VND 4,444, VND 44,444 or VND 444,444

 – The money will be returned to the Lucky Bag

 – In case the Customer cancels the service, the refunded promotional value in the Fortune Bag will not be recovered. However, after deducting the promotional value, the amount will be the remaining value refunded to the MoMo account/Postpaid wallet.

 – All customer complaints are received within 48 hours of the transaction occurring. After the specified time, MoMo Wallet asks for permission to refuse to settle.

 – MoMo Wallet has the right to revoke incentives in case of signs of fraud or taking advantage of promotions for profit.

Please call the hotline: (028)71086999 or message JACCS’s Facebook/ Zalo for more information about the program!