18/06/2021 16:43:25

Dear Customers,

In order to share difficulties with customers affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, JIVF supports to exempt and reduce interest and fees for customers with specific program information as follows:

1) Subjects to be considered for interest fee exemption or reduction fully satisfy the following conditions:

a) Customers are individuals with loans at JIVF who are in the affected or directly affected areas (in a state of concentrated isolation, business lines related to services such as hotels, restaurants, karaoke) by the Covid-19 epidemic.

b) Customers who are individuals, individual business households with loans at JIVF are indirectly affected (unemployment due to company closure, temporary layoff by the company, temporary unpaid leave, reduction of staffs).

2) Cases of exemption and reduction of interest and fees are specified in Clause 1:

a) The outstanding balance of the debt arising before June 10, 2020 from credit extension activities (except for buying and investing in corporate bonds) for which the obligation to repay the principal and/or interest is due during the period from January 23, 2020 to December 31, 2021 and the customer is unable to repay the principal and/or interest on time according to the signed contract or agreement due to a decrease in revenue and income by the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic;

b) The implementation of exemption and reduction of interest and fees for customers is carried out until December 31, 2021.

3) Customers must provide the following documents so that JIVF has a basis to consider the exemption or reduction of interest and fees:

a) An application form (according to the form);

b) Documents proving that the customer’s income has decreased due to the Covid-19 epidemic (for salaried individuals: Decision to quit or decide to take unpaid leave signed by the enterprise; for businesses / business household: Notice of business suspension in writing to the Business Registration Authority, tax report (if any); Other cases will be decided by JIVF on the type of documents proving income reduction due to affected by Covid-19…).

Note: Depending on each specific case, customers will be exempted, reduced interest, fees up to the balance of interest that is overdue/due.

Customers who have needs, please contact JIVF staff directly via hotline (028) 7108 6999. JIVF is always ready to accompany and support customers to overcome all obstacles from the Covid-19 pandemic, JIVF would like to inform you as above and sincerely thank you for trusting and using JIVF’s products this whole time.