31/03/2023 14:23:54

From April 1, 2023 – April 30, 2023, When you pay a loan on MoMo with Tui Than Tai, you can get cashback up to VND 444,444.

Other programs:

– Invite friends – Get a bonus: Refer friends to use instant loan service VND 10,000 /successful referral.

– The program is for customers who first download MoMo and link their bank accounts with a gift package of up to VND 800,000, including a discount of VND 150,000 when paying for a loan.

Instructions for loan payment on MoMo:

Step 1: At MoMo main screen >> Enter “Loan payment” in the search box

Step 2: Select a loan payment partner

Step 3: Enter Invoice/ID/CCCD Number >> Select Continue to check invoice information >> Select Continue

Step 4: At the Payment screen, select Payment Source as Tui Than Tai >> Payment Confirmation

Program Terms & Conditions:

– The program may end earlier than expected if the promotional budget is exhausted.

– Each customer can only receive rewards up to 2 times (2 times / 1 Wallet / 1 ID card / 1 Bank account / 1 device) for each program. For customers who pay the outstanding balance of Postpaid Wallet, they can only receive rewards once (1 time/1 Wallet/1 ID card/1 Bank account/1 device)

– The program applies to customers paying loans on MoMo

– Cashback face value: VND 444, VND 4,444, VND 44,444 or VND 444,444

– Money will be refunded to Tui Than Tai

– If the Customer cancels the service, the promotional value refunded to Tui Than Tai will not be revoked. However, the remaining value returned to the MoMo account/Postpaid wallet will be the amount after deducting the promotional value.

– All customer complaints are received within 48 hours from the transaction time. After the specified time, MoMo asked for permission to refuse to settle.

– MoMo has the right to withdraw incentives in case of signs of fraud or taking advantage of promotions for profit.