02/06/2022 08:42:20

To: Valued customers

Recently, JIVF has received information from customers who was cheated by bad person (impostor) under the name of recruitment staff of JIVF to scam in the form of “Recruit staff work from home” via Zalo, Tiktok, Youtube, Facebook, App Store, CH Store….to earn money. Therefore, JIVF would like to inform to customer as follows:

 1. JIVF does not recruit and allow employees to work from home.

2. JIVF does not recruit staff work from home” via Zalo, Tiktok, Youtube, Facebook, App Store, CH Store.

3. JIVF does not charge any registration/recruitment fee at any form.

4. JIVF does not request to transfer money to personal account.

5. Customers need to be careful in exchanging and providing information on internet to avoid the circumstance that bad person can use such information for their act of fraudulent.

6. Application documents, job application file: JIVF only receives via email: or Candidates apply directly at JIVF head office in HCM. Absolutely do not provide personal information such as: ID card, bank account number, OTP code… through other means.

7. In case of fraud by frauduler by recruiting tricks, customer should promptly contact local police for fraudulent report.

8. In order to protect JIVF’s reputation, JIVF will also coordinate with the local police to provide caution and prevent illegal activities.

9. All recruitment information is called by JIVF’s staff at the number: (028) 5404 3870. If you need more information or need answers to questions, please call (028) 5404 3870 – Ext: 602/ 603/ 609/ 680.

Best regard,